I don’t have a temper.

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JMo being the cutest  ♥‿♥

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orphan black s2 meme | six things
kisses [2/6]

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[Since being on] Once Upon a Time people think I was like raised on the street and I didn’t know my parents were fairytale characters and I’ve had this rough life.

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it’s been ages since I giffed SQ and now that I am





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SQ AU: Regina keeps helping Emma control her magic. Every day after their training is finished Emma invites Regina for a drink. They fall into an easy friendship that soon becomes more.

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simplymaterial replied to your post: simplymaterial replied to your post: …

Hiiiii baby! First school kept me busy and then I went on a short holiday but now I’m back yay!

HEY HEY HEY XD you’ve been miissed missy! 

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